Pelosi Slams Trump’s Merit-Based Immigration Plan


The Trump Administration is currently working on a plan to enforce legal and merit-based immigration.

However, this measure is already facing backlash from Democrats; earlier today, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi denounced the plan as “condescending” during her press conference delivery.

Reviewing Pelosi’s Take on Merit-Based Immigration

The House Speaker maintains that in regards to immigration, families serve as merited in and of themselves. Pelosi also expressed her belief that the White House’s immigration plan is unfairly patronizing to immigrants.

In her own words:

“It is really a condescending word. They’re saying family is without merit?”

Pelosi then challenged the idea that titles, occupations, and self-sufficiency are synonymous to merit-based immigration.

“Are they saying most of the people who have ever come to the United States in the history of our country are without merit because they don’t have an engineering degree? Certainly, we want to attract the best to our country, and that includes many people from many parts of society. So we’ll see what values are reflected there. We’ve only heard titles like merit, which is non-merit. It means merit in the eyes of Donald Trump.”

See for yourself:

The president’s plan for merit-based immigration comes as the Southern border crisis remains ongoing.

Controversy Regarding Immigration

The right-wing has overwhelmingly maintained support for legal and merit-based immigration. The argument here states that immigrants who come into America ought to enter the country lawfully and furthermore possess the ability to financially support themselves. This, in turn, contributes to the economy and the nation’s workforce.

Democrats and other members of the left-wing, however, share a very different outlook. Like Pelosi, most Democrats are supportive of less strict immigration laws. Moreover, the left-wing tends to assess the various reasons which prompt migrants to illegally enter the country. Some Americans have questioned whether or not the progressive, lax stance on immigration is merely a rebuttal to President Trump.

Decades ago, prior to Trump’s time in politics, Democrats openly spoke out against illegal immigration. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and even other Democrats like Joe Biden are recorded in footage from years ago where they slammed the idea of anyone being able to come across the border and stay.

Therefore, certain Americans wonder what caused Democrats to move from opposing illegal immigration to where they are today.