Philadelphia Police Arrested Suspects Allegedly Planning to Attack the Pennsylvania Convention Center

Philadelphia police investigating man over possible ploattack ballot counting center abc 6
Screenshot from ABC 6 video

The Philadelphia Police reportedly stopped a possible plot to attack the Pennsylvania Convention Center, where there is an ongoing counting of ballots in the razor-thin 2020 presidential race between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

According to ABC 6, the Philadelphia police received a tip that a group from Virginia is coming to the city to commit violence at the convention center. The group, possibly a family is driving a Hummer.

Police investigated the tip, found the Hummer, recovered a weapon, and arrested a man on Thursday night.  It is uncertain if the man is connected or involve in the plot to unleash an attack at the convention center.

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A related report from Fox News indicated that police took two armed men in custody near the convention center. The suspects provided information regarding a nearby, unoccupied vehicle containing long guns. One of the suspects allegedly does not have a permit to carry a firearm.

The Trump campaign filed lawsuits challenging the ballot-counting process in Philadelphia, claiming that it did not have enough access to observe the canvassing.