Philly Education Law Firm Says Rival’s TM Can’t Stand

Philly Education Law Firm Says Rivals TM Can't Stand

In a legal clash that’s turning heads in the City of Brotherly Love, Montgomery Law LLC, a prominent Philadelphia-based legal entity, filed a compelling lawsuit on Wednesday seeking to annul a trademark held by local rival Jacobson & John LLP. The lawsuit contends that Jacobson & John’s claim to “The Education Lawyers” is overly generic and should not be upheld.

Philly Education Law Firm Says Rival’s TM Can’t Stand : Rivalry in the Legal Arena

Montgomery Law alleges that Jacobson & John, armed with its registered trademark, has aggressively pressured them to abandon the use of the term on their website. The legal tussle escalated after Montgomery Law’s unsuccessful attempt to persuade the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board to cancel Jacobson & John’s trademark.

The Weaponized Trademark

In a gripping analogy, Montgomery Law asserts that Jacobson & John has been using its trademark registration as a “club” to hinder lawful and commercially valuable descriptive speech. The suburban Philadelphia-based Jacobson & John initially secured the trademark in 2018 and allegedly began sending cease-and-desist letters to Montgomery Law, demanding a change in domain name and the removal of any reference to “education lawyers.”

Philly Education Law Firm Says Rival’s TM Can’t Stand : The Unavoidable Clash

Both law firms primarily specialize in special education law, making the use of the term “education lawyers” almost inevitable as a generic description. The lawsuit claims that negotiations between the parties failed, leading Montgomery Law to seek trademark cancellation with the USPTO in March.

Denied Evidence and Legal Roadblocks

Montgomery Law contends that key evidence, including the testimony of its principal, Joseph Montgomery, was unjustly denied during the trial before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. The board’s decision to uphold the registration, according to Montgomery Law, was based on a perceived lack of evidence rather than the merits of the case.

Seeking Justice in Federal Court

With the appeal to the board unsuccessful, Montgomery Law now turns to the federal court to strike down Jacobson & John’s trademark registration. In addition to challenging the registration, Montgomery Law accuses Jacobson & John of unfair competition under federal and state law. The firm seeks an injunction to halt future cease-and-desist efforts and financial damages.

Silence from the Opposition

Despite attempts to reach them, Jacobson & John has yet to provide a comment on the unfolding legal drama.

Philly Education Law Firm Says Rival’s TM Can’t Stand : Conclusion

As this legal battle unfolds, Montgomery Law stands firm in its quest for justice, determined to challenge the allegedly generic trademark wielded as a weapon against them. The federal court is now set to decide the fate of “The Education Lawyers” trademark and the implications it holds for the competitive legal landscape.