POLL: Nikki Haley Likely to Gain in New Hampshire From Christie Dropping Out of 2024 Race


Less than 24 hours ago, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie formally bowed out of the 2024 presidential election. Christie announced at this point in the race, he didn’t want to do anything to make it easier for former President Trump to secure the Republican Party’s nomination.

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Amid his exit, Christie also urged Republicans not to vote for Trump or allow him to have power in the GOP going forward. With the former New Jersey governor bidding this presidential race farewell, speculations about which of the remaining candidates will get his voters have begun.

According to recent polling, GOP hopeful Nikki Haley seems most likely to carry Christie’s supporters, especially in New Hampshire.

A major boost for Haley ahead of New Hampshire’s primary

Recent surveys show the former South Carolina governor making notable headway in the Granite State. Driving Haley’s momentum is the endorsement she received from New Hampshire’s Gov. Chris Sununu.

During Christie’s presidential campaign, he also spent extensive time in this state, making his case to voters. Despite only carrying 12% support from the GOP electorate, 65% of Christie backers chose Haley as their next-favored candidate. On top of this, yet another poll reveals 48% of voters who backed Christie favor Haley as the next best contender.