Piling on Investigations of Conservative Personalities, Dems Forming Teams to Pinpoint the Flashpoint for Jan 6


“And there is some concern about the fact that some people are going to want to – on the Democratic side – point the finger again at former President Trump. Other’s are saying, hey, did House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and others within the Complex do enough to protect the Capitol at that time.”

Political Finger Pointing Rather than Introspection of Poor Leadership

“This is going to be a tough issue… then you have a series of different investigations going on.” The Left, it appears, continues pointing fingers anyone but themselves. Investigations should also include the irresponsible encouragement to violently protest Trump’s presidency.

Too many videos, audio clips, and interviews abound of Democratic Representatives and Senators using violent, threatening, and demeaning rhetoric over the past five years.

Rep Waters’ urged liberal constituents, “Get in their faces! Let them know they are not welcome here!” Is it not possible some considered this a challenge or attack?

Likewise, they could potentially influence some individuals feeling liberties were attacked. Rep AOC suggesting making lists of conservatives as well as GOP colleagues is threatening. The squad and others supporting ‘cancel culture’ of anyone with opposing views could have made a bad situation worse.