Piling on Investigations of Conservative Personalities, Dems Forming Teams to Pinpoint the Flashpoint for Jan 6


According to anonymous sources, much like ongoing collusion investigations throughout former President Trump’s time in office, there will continue to be investigations of conservative individuals, personalities, and voices. These investigations will allegedly scrutinize and attempt to link words of these conservative personalities to the actions of criminals. It is possible that adults came together and acted in a heinous manner inconsistent with the mainstream conservative party.

People Can Actually Make Terrible Choices on Their Own…

A more expeditious course of action would be to continue to arrest the criminals that acted in this horrific manner, broke the law, and endangered the lives of many. Once in custody, perhaps provide seemingly needed mental health treatments by professionals. Continual investigations for a catalytic point and pin this terrible act on a sole, non-present individual will yield few results; except wasting additional taxpayer monies. Prosecute the criminals – provide psychological support and guide understanding that violence is unacceptable.