Texans Received a $17,000 Electricity Bill Amid Texas’ Frigid Conditions

Texans electricity
Texans Electricity by Anna Valberg - Unsplash

Since February 14, Texas — the 2nd largest U.S. state by both population and area have been facing frigid conditions amid the Uri Winter Storm. However, this is not the only problem that Texans are facing, as electricity costs reached $17,000 for some residents.

North Texas residents reported that they were shocked by the exorbitant electricity bill amid the freezing days in Texas. For instance, an Arlington resident Ty Williams who didn’t lose power in Wednesday’s power outage said that he received a $17,000 electric bill. Williams is a customer of Griddy — a Huston-based electric utility company.

According to a report by Fox 4 “Griddy gives customers real-time access to the power grid wholesale. Prices were so high this week, they hit a state-imposed cap. Griddy urged their customers late last week to switch companies before the storm because of a high price forecast.” 

“Unless you’re in a variable rate plan, you should not see a change in your energy rate. When it comes time for a new contract, we may see higher prices.” the Fox report continued.