Pilot Shortage Causes American Airlines to Cut Back on Service


Airlines are back to having a rough time. Over Father’s Day weekend, thousands of flights either suffered delays or were halted altogether.

Travelers haven’t responded well, and understandably so. In certain news, people claim to have missed special events and celebrations they planned to attend. Then, other travelers reportedly spent more than 24 hours on end trapped in airports.

The issue of widespread delays and halts of flights now has the attention of the federal government. According to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, his department has the power to take action against airlines if travel issues persist.

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However, one airline is making some moves of its own. Owing to pilot shortages, American Airlines is cutting back on the communities it provides service to.

Fewer American Airlines flights?

In Islip and Ithaca, New York, along with Toledo, Ohio, American Airlines will no longer offer service after Wednesday, September 7.

A spokesperson for American Airlines provided some details about the company’s decision. According to the spokesperson, American Airlines remains thankful for its workers in the affected communities.