POC USA LLC Sues Over Cyberattack

POC USA LLC Sues Over Cyberattack

In a gripping legal drama unfolding in Seattle’s federal court, POC USA LLC, a Utah-based manufacturer of skiing and cycling gear, has hurled a breach of contract lawsuit against logistics behemoth Expeditors International. The crux of this high-octane legal battle? An alleged failure to shield POC from a devastating cyberattack in February 2022, leading to a catastrophic business slump.

POC USA LLC Sues Over Cyberattack :  A Chain Reaction of Disruption

Owned by a Swedish entity, POC USA LLC accuses Expeditors International of Washington Inc. of not only failing to fortify its digital defenses against the cyber onslaught but also of making a critical decision – refusing to satisfy a ransomware demand. This led to a drastic measure: shutting down their computer systems for an agonizing 90 days. This digital blackout left POC in the lurch, unable to access its warehoused products or fulfill burgeoning orders, according to the complaint filed on Monday.

POC USA LLC Sues Over Cyberattack : Collateral Damage

The ripple effects were immediate and severe. POC, reliant on Expeditors for shipping and processing, witnessed a chilling effect as customers, unable to wait out the delay, defected to competing brands. This shift was especially damaging given the seasonal nature of POC’s products like ski goggles and biking accessories.