POLL: Confidence in SCOTUS Management of 2024 Election Cases Plummets


The Supreme Court will play a significant role in some of the legal challenges facing Trump’s candidacy. However, just 42% of the American people feel the highest court in the nation will make the right call. 23% even admitted they have no trust in SCOTUS whatsoever.

Challenges to Trump’s eligibility to appear on state ballots come as he also faces 91 felony charges across four criminal indictments. Questions are now emerging about the outcomes of these cases and how they could impact the country if Trump secures the GOP nomination and ends up formally convicted.

It’s hard to say what happens next

At this point, no one can really predict what’s coming down the pipeline. This includes the future rulings of SCOTUS on 2024 election cases, along with the state and federal indictments that Trump faces.

Critics of the former president are pointing to all of these issues as reasons why he should not win the GOP nomination or the White House in November. Republican contender Nikki Haley, for instance, warns that chaos follows Trump wherever he goes and Americans can’t afford to deal with this.