POLL: Confidence in SCOTUS Management of 2024 Election Cases Plummets


As the 2024 presidential election carries on, a growing number of polemic legal issues are already emerging. Multiple states have begun working to keep former President Trump off their ballots, citing the constitutional insurrection clause in the 14th Amendment’s Section 3.

Unsurprisingly, Trump and his allies are fighting this, stating that Colorado and other states pursuing such action are overstepping their authority. The US Supreme Court is set to hear out those opposing the Colorado Supreme Court’s action against the former president. If additional state courts take similar action, the highest court in the land will likely oversee those cases as well.

However, a recent poll reveals most Americans remain deeply unassured of the Supreme Court’s ability to properly make judgment calls on these matters.

The numbers aren’t great

Given certain states’ contentions that Trump remains constitutionally disqualified from appearing on their 2024 election ballots, 48% of the country believes a final decision on this point needs to arrive before this November’s race.