POLL: Most Think Trump’s Endorsement of “Terminating” Constitution is Disqualifying


After all, when any president is sworn into office, they take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. It is impossible to square this with wanting the Constitution terminated because of how the last presidential election panned out.

Nevertheless, 40% of the American electorate does not believe this demand should keep Trump from being a 2024 candidate.

The partisan breakdown shows majorities of Independents and Democrats percieve calling to terminate the US Constitution as disqualifying. Yet, only 17% of Republicans also share this sentiment.

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The demise of Trump 2024?

One month after Trump declared his presidential candidacy, new polling shows him being blown out of the water by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in a GOP primary.

Additional polls in recent months likewise show the Florida governor leading over Trump. More and more Republicans also find themselves getting weary over the baggage, scandals, and drama that comes along with Trump.

Therefore, more of the GOP voter base is seeking an alternative candidate who can bring forward Trump’s policies, while also keeping the former president at considerable arm’s length.