POLL: Record Number of Americans Now Disapprove of Joe Biden


Earlier this year, Americans learned that Joe Biden is going to pursue a second term in the Oval Office. This was confirmed by both the president himself and his White House administration. However, the path to reelection may be easier said than done.

More people have begun talking about the old age of America’s national leaders. There are also ongoing conversations about whether the United States could benefit from age limits for both presidents and congressional lawmakers.

If Biden were to secure a second term in the White House, he’d be 86 years old at its end.

However, the president’s age isn’t the only factor that could work against him in the 2024 presidential election. According to a new poll, a record number of Americans now disapprove of Biden.

The writing on the wall

The NBC News poll in question just confirmed that 56% of the American people do not approve of the president. By contrast, only 41% cited their backing of Joe Biden.

Across various demographics, Biden’s favorable standing with young voters, Independents, and Latinos continues to suffer. Each of these are core voter blocs the president will require in order to secure another term in office.