Portland, Oregon to demand controversial Uber software tool


In an interview on Friday, Portland Commissioner Dan Saltzman, who oversees the city’s transportation department, said his colleagues on the city council have pledged to support a subpoena against Uber, which will be voted on next week. If Uber does not comply, Portland could ultimately review its ability to operate in the city, Saltzman said.

“We are not ready to go there yet,” Saltzman said.

In a statement, Uber’s general manager for Oregon Bryce Bennett said the company has “fully cooperated” with Portland and provided relevant information to its investigation. The city said it found no evidence Uber used Greyball to avoid inspectors since Uber was allowed to operate there in 2015.

Portland received its own subpoena from the Northern California grand jury for records relating to Uber’s activities, including emails between the city and the company or its representatives, according to a copy of the document reviewed by Reuters.

The subpoena to Portland was issued on March 10, a week after the New York Times report.