Prasenjeet Yadav photographs green meteor falling from space  

green meteor
Photo by Prasenjeet Yadav

The classic photo of a green meteor falling from the sky and crashing into the clouds of southern India has not been duplicated since. One man with a camera photographed a miracle, Prasenjeet Yadav. 

Prasenjeet Yadav is a renowned National Geographic photographer.  He was one of the Geographic Explorer grant recipients in 2015 and his mission was to photograph the “sky islands.”  He succeeded beyond his wildest dreams.

Asteroids and meteors from space to Earth

In 2020, there are thousands of asteroids and meteors orbiting the Earth. NASA’s Near-Earth Object Observations Program in Pasadena, California is currently tracking 19,000 of them. Only a few will reach Earth’s atmosphere. And most of these “falling objects” are so small that they never reach the surface. 

It’s difficult to see most Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP)  in the daylight but it’s different at night. They sometimes appear as lights in the sky. Even then, it usually takes an advanced technology telescope like the Hubble Space Telescope to get a clear view.

Prasenjeet Yadav: Backstory to one man and a camera

In 2015, Yadav drove to a vantage point of the “sky islands.” The Western Ghats, also known as Sahyadri is a series of mountaintops that rise above the clouds and in the valley sprawls the town of  Mettupalayam, India.