President Trump Affirms That He Is Not A Feminist, But “For Everyone”


On Sunday, Americans heard President’s Trump thoughts on women, feminism, and his support for “everyone,” as documented by Fox News.

Answers from President Trump

During an ITV interview with Piers Morgan, the President of the United States faced questions about his stance on feminism and women. President Trump’s hereinafter response explains his position:

I think that would be maybe going too far. I’m for women, I’m for men, I’m for everyone. I think people have to go out … and they have to win. And women are doing great and I’m happy about that.

Morgan also asked the President about his feelings regarding women who support him. The Commander-in-Chief then opined that the aforementioned women understand who he is, noting the support he received from women during the 2016 Presidential election:

Well, I am for them and I think a lot of them understand that. I won many categories of women and the women vote in the election and people were shocked to see it. Women have the best unemployment number that they’ve had in 17 years and they’re doing tremendously in business. They’re doing tremendously in so many ways and people are starting to see that.

President Trump, Women, and Criticism Regarding Feminism

Throughout the 2016 Presidential election and beyond, President Trump’s critics have blasted him as sexist. The aforesaid critics often cite the President’s prior harsh remarks and allegations of sexual misconduct as supporting evidence.

However, the President, his family, and his supporters affirm that his expressions of disapproval do not specifically target women. President Trump criticizes both men and women alike when he sees fit, according to them. Moreover, Americans have yet to see concrete proof to support the allegations against President Trump. He has repeatedly denied them and has furthermore never been found guilty of sexual misconduct in a court of law.

Like President Trump, feminism has also faced criticism, although for very different reasons. Many conservatives have slammed feminism as a hypocritical movement which frequently displays selective outrage. For instance, countless feminists have marched against President Trump, however, there have yet to be any marches against female genital mutilation which is an international plight. Are the President’s harsh words truly worse than young girls having their genitals sliced and cut off, question critics of feminism.

Moreover, Republican and conservative voters have opined that feminists tend to treat right-wing women very poorly. If feminists are truly for the empowerment and advancement of women, should that advocacy not apply to all women instead of exclusively left-leaning, liberal women, ask conservative critics. Right-wingers frequently express these concerns on social media:

Americans of all political ideologies have also taken to social media to vocalize their opinions on President Trump’s affirmation of being “for everyone.”