President Trump Continues His Work on Healthcare Reform


Earlier today, President Trump met with the Senate Republicans to continue the paramount progression of healthcare reform. Based on reports from Politico, the President ordered the GOP leaders to pass a particular bill and asserted that a defense of the House’s health care proposal would be challenging. Healthcare reform has been a central issue ever since President Trump was sworn into office. Many Americans were deeply afflicted by the countless pitfalls of Obamacare and throughout the 2016 Presidential election, Mr. Trump vowed to repeal and replace the failing bill when he became Commander in Chief. However, this feat has proven itself to be more onerous that anticipated. When the American Health Care Act was presented to the nation, Republicans and Democrats alike were against it.

During the conference with Senate Republicans, President Trump affirmed the need to pass a healthcare bill that does not harm lower income families and can easily be defended by Republicans. Some of the biggest critics of the House healthcare bill have been conservatives and prominent members of the Republican Party. Following the release of the House’s proposal, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee each announced their refusal to support a bill that was anything less than a complete repeal of the failed Obamacare. They also noted some disturbing parallels between the House bill and Obamacare. For instance, the House proposal would grant annual tax credits of up to $14,000 to people who lack coverage from the government or employers. On Thursday, Rand Paul stated that this regulation mirrored Obamacare.

Furthermore, Senator Rob Portman of Ohio is working to persuade Senate Republicans to decelerate the repeal of Medicaid expansion. Portman also highlighted the President’s concern for the impact that healthcare legislation will have on poorer Americans. There were 13 politically diverse senators present during today’s meeting; these include, but are not limited to moderates like Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski along with staunch conservatives like Mike Lee and Ted Cruz. The President’s aides and associates recently affirmed his desire for the healthcare bill to receive better coverage and engender popularity. While conservatives aspire to decrease expansion and spending, centrists are more focused on protecting as much viable coverage as possible. Throughout the duration of today’s meeting the President and other Republicans witnessed the repeated clash of opinions regarding healthcare and Medicaid.

In conclusion, it appears as though the President, Republicans, and centrists have their work cut out for them. The necessity for healthcare reform will not be disappearing; as a matter of fact, it will only increase with the passing of time. The offshoots of Obamacare had a catastrophic impact on Americans and the instatement of a positive alternative is critical. However, in order for a replacement to succeed, it needs the support of many Republicans and others in the Senate. All parties might have to compromise to some extent for the greater good. The President is certainly working to keep the promises made to the American people and so are other leaders. Hopefully a desirable conclusion will be reached within the next few weeks.