President Trump Sends His Condolences Following Alaska Earthquakes


On Friday, President Donald Trump sent out his blessings to Alaskans who experienced multiple earthquakes earlier that morning.

A Look at the President’s Public Statements

The commander-in-chief posted the following tweet regarding the situation in Alaska:

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Anchorage, Alaska bore the brunt of an extreme earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0. Damages and aftermath of this devastating occurrence are still being monitored and reported on.

More Updates on the Alaska Earthquake

At this time, Anchorage has experienced notable impacts of the earthquake, particularly since the disaster struck upon the outskirts of the city. Prior to the occurrence of the earthquake, Alaska received warnings of potential tsunamis, although officials later retracted these alerts.

Thus far, individuals near Anchorage have experienced harmed infrastructure, disruptions at local TV stations, damages in buildings, and probable likelihoods of area aftershocks.