Is President Trump A Sexist or Misogynist? How About NO!


Furthermore, many of President Trump’s most outspoken critics fail to realize that censuring a woman does not equate to sexist beliefs. Mr. Trump made it very clear that when someone attacks him, he responds in kind, only ten times harder. This has absolutely no correlation to gender. President Trump censured both men and women when appropriate. In fact, treating women as a special class of people who can’t take disapproval would be true sexism. Mr. Trump treats women and men equally which proves he is not sexist. It does not take a genius to arrive at these conclusions. One must only think for themselves and refrain from allowing bias to blind them from reality.

President Trump’s closest adviser happens to be his eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump. Countless reporters have asked her to contribute input regarding the inane claims that her father is sexist and hates women. The First Daughter reiterated that her father has the utmost respect for women and that she herself wouldn’t be where she is today if her father disliked women. Ivanka has known her father for her entire life and would obviously know if he subscribed to sexist notions.