Hillary Clinton Has Literally Blamed Everyone For Her Election Loss – Except Herself!


It is quite unfortunate that women like Hillary Clinton are still receiving media attention. Since her epic election loss to President Trump, Hillary has literally blamed everyone but the one responsible for her election loss. The list was so vast that Fox News Insider compiled a list. So far, Hillary has blamed Republicans, Democrats, Netflix, Twitter, Facebook, and many others for her failure to secure the White House. Her negligence to accept responsibility for her vanquishment is absolutely unbelievable. The truth of the matter is this: Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 Presidential election because her policies, likability, and track record were disgraceful.

At 69-years-old, Hillary Clinton should be mature enough to take accountability. Passing the buck and faulting the Russians, low information voters, and even Obama for her loss just speaks to how immature and out of touch she is with reality. It also reinforces her unfitness to hold public office. How has it not occurred to Hillary that perhaps she alone is to blame? Going into the race for the White House, she knew where she stood with the American people. She also knew that many people, even in her own party, loathed and viewed her as a criminal.