Is President Trump A Sexist or Misogynist? How About NO!


For months, critics accused President Trump of sexism, misogyny, and hatred of women. In their eyes, Mr. Trump’s infamous spat with Megyn Kelly during the first primary debate in 2015 and his epic feud with Rosie O’Donnell means that he views all women as inferior and beneath him. Their logic is obscene and simply not factual. The President employed many women and placed them in leadership roles even when it was unpopular to do so. He has also provided countless opportunities for women. The First Lady and First Daughter have both stated that the President is not sexist in any manner and has as much respect for women as he does men.

Not only does President Trump respect women, but he also values work opportunities for women. This was evidenced in February when he signed a bill into law which would recruit women in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. At an Oval Office ceremony, he stated it was unfair that only 25% of women with a degree in STEM actually work in these fields. The first measure of the bill mandates the NASA administrator to help young women study STEM fields and pursue science and space exploration careers. The bill’s second measure sanctions the National Science Foundation to use their entrepreneurial programs to enlist and support women. These are not the actions of a sexist, misogynistic man. President Trump’s words and actions repeatedly affirm his respect for women.

Furthermore, many of President Trump’s most outspoken critics fail to realize that censuring a woman does not equate to sexist beliefs. Mr. Trump made it very clear that when someone attacks him, he responds in kind, only ten times harder. This has absolutely no correlation to gender. President Trump censured both men and women when appropriate. In fact, treating women as a special class of people who can’t take disapproval would be true sexism. Mr. Trump treats women and men equally which proves he is not sexist. It does not take a genius to arrive at these conclusions. One must only think for themselves and refrain from allowing bias to blind them from reality.

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President Trump’s closest adviser happens to be his eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump. Countless reporters have asked her to contribute input regarding the inane claims that her father is sexist and hates women. The First Daughter reiterated that her father has the utmost respect for women and that she herself wouldn’t be where she is today if her father disliked women. Ivanka has known her father for her entire life and would obviously know if he subscribed to sexist notions.

Those who continuously label the President as sexist despite the overwhelming evidence proving otherwise truly need to wake up. President Trump’s critics are well within their rights to detest his policies and personality, but those feelings do not equate to sexism or misogyny. Like all other cases, solid facts outweigh personal feelings. There is absolutely nothing wrong with criticizing the President, but to spread lies and traduce his character is utterly classless.