President Trump Speaks At Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference


Earlier today, President Trump made headlines when he delivered an optimistic and encouraging speech to Evangelicals at Washington’s Faith and Freedom Coalition conference. He passionately vowed to never dismay the Evangelical community and stated that despite being “under siege,” “we will come out bigger and better and stronger than ever.” President Trump was introduced to this event by Ralph Reed, founder of the Faith and Freedom Coalition. The President’s remarks were very well-liked; he received several standing ovations from the enthusiastic audience. Many mainstream media outlets noted their surprise at the President’s choice to decline mentioning former FBI director, James Comey who happened to be testifying to the Senate Intelligence Committee about supposed “lies” from the White House.

One of the key points of President Trump’s formal address was the following statement: “We will always support our evangelical community and defend your right and the right of all Americans to follow and to live by the teachings of their faith.” This declaration is quite fitting, especially in light of the current state of affairs. Just three months ago, dozens of Christians were executed by sociopathic gunmen in Eygpt. Among the body count was an American citizen. Freedom of religion is one of the core values of this nation; President Trump’s support of Evangelicals and other people of faith was very noble.

Not only did President Trump affirm his support of the Evangelical community and freedom of religion, but he also highlighted his controversial decision to remove America from the failing Paris climate accord. This agreement was an absolute nightmare for this nation’s best interests. For starters, under the Paris climate accord, electricity costs for American families would have increased by up to 20% annually (according to a Heritage Foundation study), energy costs would rise for small businesses, and the amount of jobs would have decreased by thousands. In order for America to thrive as a country, our arrangements have to be of service to our people, our economy, and our environment.

President Trump’s respectable speech at the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference is another precise example of why he won the 2016 election. Despite the talking points of his critics, the President is very likable and charismatic, especially when engaging in public speaking; his genuineness is transparent. People admire a respectable and relatable leader. The President’s speech to Evangelicals was uplifting, reassuring, and hopeful.

When a nation, belief, or ideology is under siege, a leader who governs with discipline, precision, and wisdom is invaluable. Despite the attacks around the world on religious liberties, President Trump has vowed to oppose all forces that threaten American values. As he stated, this nation will come out stronger than ever; in order to preserve said strength, an abundance of jobs and sizable earnings (among other things) are imperative. The President took yet another step to defend these necessities by withdrawing from an agreement that would have greatly harmed the people of this country. President Trump’s message to the Faith and Freedom Coalition (and to all Americans) was very clear: “I am fighting for you.”