Privacy Alert: AI Chatbots Capable of Extracting Personal Data from What Users Type


Researchers claim that AI chatbots possess an uncanny ability to decipher an individual’s personal details merely from their online typing patterns. And that online users are risking their privacy with every keystroke.

Computer scientists in the Swiss-based science school ETH Zurich described how their innovative research, which hasn’t been peer-reviewed yet, may bring up some big internet privacy issues.

It turns out that AI can accurately deduce a user’s gender, age, location, and more based on their textual interactions.

The study’s findings bring new fears.  The idea that AI’s capacity to “infer personal data at a previously unattainable scale” is scary. Because the feature could be exploited by malicious actors, including hackers. 

“This is very, very problematic,” expressed one of the study’s authors to online tech magazine Wired. Indeed, the implications of this research are vast, as the AI’s prowess in personal data extraction could have significant repercussions for user privacy and security.