Prominent ‘Black Lives Matter’ Facebook Page Ousted as Phony


Recent Fox News coverage affirms the artificiality of a once popular Black Lives Matter Facebook page.

An Overview of the Phony BLM Facebook Page

The existence of the Black Lives Matter movement emerged after some people in this country expressed concerns regarding the deaths of black Americans at the hands of police officers. Since the inception of the aforementioned movement, countless Black Lives Matter accounts and pages have appeared on social media. Supporters of the movement also frequently post “#BLM” or “#BlackLivesMatter” in their social media bios.

However, unlike other Black Lives Matter pages and accounts, one is (or was) phony. The fake page garnered over 700,000 followers and $100,000 worth of contributions. The perpetrator of the phony Black Lives Matter page turned out to be Ian Mackay. During the time, Mackay was an associate of Australia’s National Union of Workers. Both Mackay’s name and bank account remained linked to the page before the discovery of its artificiality.

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