Thousands of protesters flood Minsk demanding Lukashenko’s resignation


These events have drawn attention from multiple human rights organizations voicing concerns over allegations that regime officials beat and maimed prisoners.

Over the course of the last two weeks, Lukashenko has watched his grip over Belarus begin to weaken as protesters continue to demand his resignation regardless of the risks involved.

While brute force and violence have worked for Lukashenko in the past, it has not been nearly as effective as of late. It has emboldened the opposition that appears to be growing in number by the day.

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To the east lies Vladimir Putin, who is assuredly watching closely to see how the situation develops, for Belarus is an immediate neighbor well within the Russian sphere of influence.

Although relations between Lukashenko and Putin have soured over disagreements on economic policy, Putin is looking to avoid western influence in Belarus at all costs.

The next few weeks will be a critical moment for the Belarus regime. If international pressure continues and domestic unrest cannot be quelled, it may well collapse, bringing ‘Europe’s last dictator’s’ 26-year rule to an end.