Statewide COVID-19 vaccine mandate coming in Virginia


Talk about the arrival of a coronavirus vaccine remains alive and well. President Trump has indicated that a vaccine for the virus could arrive before 2020 comes to its end. However, nearly since the inception of this vaccine’s developments, Americans have maintained certain concerns.

It has been noted that most vaccines take years and years of development and testing before public consumption. Having a vaccine created at “warp speed” is, therefore, prompting skepticism regarding its safety. Some people have furthermore indicated that they will wait to get the vaccine, even when it becomes available.

Significant minorities of Americans (ranging between 25% to 33%, depending on polls) have stated that they will not get the COVID-19 vaccine.

In Virginia, however, a top health official has announced his plan to mandate the vaccine for all state residents; this comes after a recent USA Today op-ed where multiple doctors urged for the mandatory vaccination of all Americans with virtually no exemptions.

The push to mandate the coronavirus vaccine in Virginia

For quite some time now, Americans with concerns about government overreach have speculated that the government would eventually seek to force the COVID-19 vaccine upon its citizens. The latest news about the impending coronavirus vaccine mandate in Virginia has only fueled these concerns.