Statewide COVID-19 vaccine mandate coming in Virginia


Dr. Norman Oliver, the Virginia Commissioner of Health, recently and directly stated that he will mandate that Virginians get the vaccination for coronavirus.

Oliver also opined that the “majority” of Virginia residents will happily take the vaccine. Meanwhile, the Virginia Commissioner of Health remains furthermore opposed to a proposed bill that would grant state residents a religious exemption from getting the vaccine for COVID-19.

The debate about mandatory vaccinations

Debates about the legal, moral, and constitutional basis of mandatory vaccination remains very much present. Following Oliver’s announcement of his plan to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine, certain Twitter users took to social media to oppose this.

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Advocates of mandatory vaccines have not minced words when discussing the methods they plan to employ. People carrying cards to verify their vaccination status is one proposed method to come up; others have suggested that people who refuse the coronavirus vaccine should lose access to employment and critical services.