Public Corruption Plus in the USA in the 21st Century


Maybe if the all of us had been more informed and paid heed to some words of wisdom from one of the most brilliant Supreme Court Justices of the last century, Judge Louis Brandeis, then possibly we would not have been so easily conquered by the Bush/Clinton / Obama regimes. But, alas, to pay attention to such political matters such as the destiny of the country is not in the nature of most human beings. Sadly, most are simply either very busy citizens, or else useful idiots.  You can self diagnose which group you belong in.  Had we bothered to even try to recall and understand any of the wisdom of Justice Brandeis, then maybe we would not be in such dire straits as a country. What follows is just a small sample of the wisdom we may have gained.


Quotes from Justice Louis D. Brandeis:

“The most important political office is that of private citizen.”

“Neutrality is, at times, a graver sin than belligerence.”

“If you would only recognize that life is HARD, things would be so much easier for you.”