Puppy Petite Guide to the Maltese


Overview of the breed

The Maltese is an adorable breed of dog, and it is easy to fall in love with it as a puppy.  Maltese are highly suited to first-time dog owners and seasoned pet owners alike.  Maltese are a small breed classified as companion dogs.  They seldom grow bigger than 10 inches in height or exceed 7 pounds in weight, so they are the ideal lap dog.  They have an expected lifespan of 12 to 15 years.

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Maltese is also used often as therapy dogs.  Their gentle natures make them ideal for people who have suffered some form of trauma or who are recovering from a long-term illness.

Maltese are comfortable in apartments or small homes.

What to expect with a Maltese for a pet

Maltese are quite sensitive as a breed, and they do not like being on their own for extended periods of time.  This companion dog thrives in a family with or without children, and they adjust well to other dogs.  They are playful and will require high levels of attention most of the time.

Puppy Petite highly recommends this breed for families or single people who would like a pet they can consider part of the family.

The best environment for Maltese

If you live in close proximity to your neighbours you can rest assured that your Maltese will not bark or howl excessively and annoy them.  They are a little weary of strangers though.  A home environment that provides your Maltese with constant companionship is ideal.

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