Puppy Petite Guide to Yorkies

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Overview of the breed

If you are looking at getting a dog for the first time, you would do well to consider getting a Yorkie.  This breed is a pint-sized ball of big heart and affection.  It is no surprise that the Yorkie is the most popular breed in the United States.

Measuring only 8 – 9 inches tall fully grown, and weighing less than 7 pounds, this is the ideal companion dog for a person who lives in an apartment or a small home.

What are Yorkies like as pets?

Yorkies are devoted pets. They love to follow their owners around the home.  These are lap dogs and will want to be on the bed with you when you are there.

Puppy Petite recommends this as an ideal breed for a family with older children or for adult-only families or people who live alone.  A chaotic or noisy home is not a good environment for this breed.  They are highly sensitive and will not cope well in a home with babies or toddlers.  They also don’t take too kindly to being left alone for long periods of time.  They crave companionship and will be your shadow no matter where you move around your home.

The best environment for Yorkies

The ideal home for a Yorkie is reasonably quiet one with good routines. If you are a person who lives alone and needs a loving companion, Puppy Petite highly recommends this breed for you.  The most suitable home for a Yorkie is one where someone is home for a good deal of the day, as they do not like to be left alone for extended periods of time.