Putin issued an alert to warn of Ukraine drone attacks


On Tuesday, Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, ordered officials to increase Ukraine border control in response to drone attacks that targeted regions in Russia.

 While Ukraine authorities did not claim responsibility for the attacks, they insist on the right to such forays to defend themselves from Russia’s invasion.


Drone attacks over Russia

The drones in Russian territory are small Ukrainian-made models with a reported range of close to 500 miles. And so far, they have no capacity to carry a large load of explosives. Although Ukraine forces have high-capacity drones they have not been using them in Russia.

 Russian forces shot down a Ukrainian drone over the Bryansk region. And there have been three other drone attacks that targeted Russia’s Belgorod region. In one of the attacks, a drone flew through an apartment window in error. And another drone crashed just 60 miles from Moscow.

 The Moscow-area drone was apparently targeting a Gazprom gas distribution facility. Putin signed a bill suspending the last remaining nuclear arms treaty with the U.S. Putin has said that Russia will respect the caps on nuclear weapons and continue to notify the U.S. about test launches of ballistic missiles.