CPAC: Rep. Matt Gaetz Calls for “Abolition” of FBI and CDC

matt gaetz
matt gaetz

Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz is calling for the abolition of federal law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, the Department of Justice, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives if they do not alter their behavior that has upset members of the Republican Party.

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Speaking at CPAC, an annual meeting of conservative activists, on Friday, the Florida Republican criticized Washington as a “deeply corrupt place” that has resulted in “the weaponization of this government.”

“Seems like every time I turn around, they engage in surveillance or list building or monitoring,” he told the audience attending the conference at National Harbor, Maryland.

“I don’t care if it takes every second of our time and every ounce of our energy,” he said. “We either get this government back on our side or we defund and get rid of, abolish the FBI, the CDC, ATF, DOJ, every last one of them if they do not come to heel.”

The audience, made up of far-right activists, loudly applauded Matt Gaetz’s condemnation, nearly drowning him out.