Queen Elizabeth dancing video on Christmas went viral, is it fake?

Screenshot of Queen Elizabeth II fake dancing video

Every year, the United Kingdom’s Queen Elizabeth II inspires people with her Christmas Day message. However, a video entitled The Alternative Christmas Message 2020 went viral instead of her real speech.

The alternative Christmas message video shows Queen Elizabeth dancing, which was shared by Channel 4 on various social media platforms. The UK broadcaster was behind the creation of the video using Artificial Intelligence (AI) software.

The technology behind the mind-blowing alternative Christmas message is called “deepfake.” It is an AI software capable of copying facial expressions and other gestures.

The alternative Christmas message is a warning about the dangers of deepfake AI technology

Channel 4 explains that the video is meant to make people aware of the existence of deepfake AI technology and warn them of the dangers of fake news dangers. It is also meant to show that it is easy to manipulate the masses using technology.