Quinnipiac’s Latest Poll of President Trump’s Approval Ratings is Fake News!


In the past few days, the mainstream media has predictably asserted that President Trump is plagued with low approval ratings. Their claim stems from a new Quinnipiac poll which asserts that the President’s ratings have plummeted to a 34% approval rating. Their poll also contends that 31% of Americans believe President Trump engaged in illegal activities with Russia. Additionally, Quinnipiac claims that 40% of voters think the President’s campaign advisers participated in felonious dealings with Russia. While all the fake news networks tout 34% as the President’s supposed “low approval rating,” they failed to realize Quinnipiac’s negligence to survey an equal amount of Republicans and Democrats.

Contrary to popular belief, poll data does not classify as concrete evidence. In fact, it is very easily manipulated. While Quinnipiac claims to have interviewed 1,361 voters on a nationwide scale, their omission to survey an equal number of Republicans and Democrats completed invalidates their information. By Quinnipiac’s own admission, they collected data from voters who identified as 23% Republican, 35% Democrat, and 36% Independent. At this point in American history, it is unthinkable that reputable pollsters are ignorant of how to run accurate, fair, and balanced polls. Common sense dictates that if Quinnipiac polls 13% more Democrats than Republicans, negative ratings for President Trump will inevitably be higher.

The mainstream media’s ignorance of the blatant bias in the latest Quinnipiac poll is quite foreseeable. From the time that President Trump announced his candidacy in June 2015, the fake news networks have been working tirelessly to undermine his character and place his standing in an unfavorable light. The motives behind the media’s never ending character assassination stems from the reality that President Trump is a bold, forthright outsider who cannot be bought off or otherwise controlled by lobbyists, donors, or special interest groups. The media has never encountered anyone like the 45th President in the political arena and their heads are imploding. This latest poll serves as nothing but new ammunition for the President’s critics; in their minds, accuracy and fairness are irrelevant when attempted to promote their own agenda.

Due to the inaccuracy and flagrant left wing bias in Quinnipiac’s latest Trump poll, they should no longer be considered as independent and non-partisan, as they ironically claim to be in their Twitter biography. Informants who truly subscribe to independence and non-partisanship would have polled Republicans and Democrats in equal amounts. Quinnipiac is nothing more than fake news wrapped up in a phony guise of professionalism and political neutrality. The people conducting the survey were very well aware that such a drastic difference between the representation of the political parties would impact the survey results, but that is clearly what they were aiming for. The amount of surveyed Democrats and Independents outweighs surveyed Republicans by 13% and 14%.

This latest revelation should serve as a wake up call to people who are seeking real and accurate news. Due to the unbalanced data in the Quinnipiac poll, the President’s approval rating does not truly reside at a mere 34%. Of course, the mainstream media and fake news networks will spread this number across television and the internet like wildfire; many people will accept it at face value. However, when viewing the analytics of political polls, checking the percentage of surveyed Republicans, Democrats, and Independents is critical.