Red Lobster Restaurants Will Be Harder to Come Upon in America


For years, Red Lobster has been one of America’s most popular seafood restaurants. Families consistently dine here, loading up on delicious, filling meals that keep them coming back for more. Snow crab, shrimp, bay scallops, and (of course) lobster are some of the most popular items on the menu.

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Red Lobster exists not just here in the states, but also in several other countries including Japan, Mexico, and Turkey. Unfortunately for the restaurant’s American fans, finding a local Red Lobster is about to become more difficult.

Just earlier today, news broke that dozens of Red Lobster locations are shutting down across the nation.

What led to this decision?

The choice to park multiple restaurant locations appears to have come from the Red Lobster parent company, Thai Union Group. Rickey Williams Jr., the mayor of Danville, Illinois, recently confirmed this.

Taking to Facebook, he stated local managers of the seafood establishment informed him of the restaurants’ closures. Williams also revealed that “without notice,” many employees working at Red Lobster found themselves laid off as all impacted establishments shut down.