Most Students at Prestigious Universities Acknowledge Rising Antisemitism


The war that broke out in Israel after Hamas’ invasion continues to have international ramifications. Many nations, particularly Western ones, are backing Israel and giving the Middle Eastern country necessary assets for self-defense.

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Around the world, people aren’t hesitating to show their support for Israel, Palestine, and/or Hamas. Some folks have expressed an interest in a two-state solution between Israel and Palestine. Others feel that ship has sailed.

In some of the more extreme cases, radical backers of Palestine are coming out as pro-Hamas, deeming the terrorist group as “freedom fighters.”

Unfortunately, the conflict in the Middle East also led to rising instances of antisemitism across multiple countries. Here in America, college students who attend some of our nation’s most prestigious universities acknowledge just how problematic this is.

College students on the rise of antisemitism after October 7

The U.S. News & World Report recently revealed that 67% of students at America’s 25 top universities believe antisemitism is an issue on their campuses. Only 33% of students said the opposite about a rise in hatred towards Jewish individuals.