Did Dan Bilzerian paid marketing firm to boost his Instagram following?


It is interesting to note that the marketing firm’s claim against Bilzerian is vague. First, it did not explain what type of service was provided to Ignite CEO, and how did it boost his Instagram following? Did the marketing firm invited or paid the people who are following Bilzerian on the social media platform? Was it responsible for taking his photographs and writing its captions?

A $25,000 monthly service fee is significant, thus it is reasonable to assume that the marketing firm must have done a lot of work to improve Bilzerian’s Instagram following. So, it should be easy to support its claims with evidence.

Do these claims hold any water?

Indeed, Nash’s revelations about Bilzerian in his most recent video are unproven allegations. For one, the marketing firm that offered Bilzerian services on his Instagram account remains anonymous.

Furthermore, there have been questions raised as to the legitimacy of Nash’s source. There are three big questions at play here. One, what prompted this source to speak out in the first place? The timing is surely suspicious as Bilzerian has been a topic of conversation over the last few months, most of which has been bad press.