Did Dan Bilzerian paid marketing firm to boost his Instagram following?

Dan Bilzerian - bbc.co.uk

A marketing firm is claiming that social media influencer Dan Bilzerian, the CEO of Ignite International Brands (CN: BILZ) is one of its clients and he paid a huge amount of money per month to boost his Instagram following.

YouTube personality Tom Nash revealed the claims of the marketing firm that it received a monthly payment from Bilzerian over the past two years.

“They claim Dan Bilzerian was their client since 2018 and paid them a staggering amount of $25,000 per month to boost his Instagram profile,” Nash said.

Claims against Dan Bil Bilzerian

Additionally, Nash stated that Bilzerian suddenly stopped paying the marketing firm for its services but gave him the “benefit of the doubt” and continued with its services. However,  Bilzerian’s tab reached a whopping $100,000, which remains unpaid.

As a result, the marketing firm stopped its services, which coincides with the lack of activity on Bilzerian’s Instagram profile. His last post was on Aug. 31, seen here.

Nash also commented that Bilzerian allegedly preferred to use Bitcoin as a payment method. Nash even went on to question whether Bitcoin is the primary method in which the Bilzerian family moves around money.