Republican Senators Now Accused of “Co-Conspiracy” with Former President Trump


Pelosi ultimately asserted that the trial will determine whether the Senate is comprised of courage or cowardice. Clinton’s remarks mirror those of the current House Speaker’s; they also show the awareness that most Republicans are not going to vote for a conviction of the former president. The impeachment trial itself began with nearly every GOP senator agreeing that this trial lacks a constitutional basis.

During this week alone, Republicans in the Senate have also communicated their annoyance with this trial and its proceedings.

A deeply partisan impeachment trial

With the exception of senators like Mitt Romney, most GOP members are all but guaranteed to vote for an acquittal. In the likely event each Democrat votes to convict Trump, 17 votes from Republican senators are still required. The backing for conviction plainly does not exist.

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Ultimately, the name-calling and petty insults from figureheads like Clinton and Pelosi have no bearing on the votes of GOP senators.