Ronna McDaniel Secures Fourth Term as Chairwoman of the RNC


At least some of McDaniel’s victory has been attributed to the backing she received from some folks who previously served in the Trump administration. Another factor turned out to be her years of service as the RNC chairwoman.

Supporters of McDaniel lauded her for consistently conducting outreach and making sure that people are heard. Ahead of the election, McDaniel supporters likewise stressed the importance of Republicans coming together, regardless of whether she, Dhillon, or Lindell ended up winning.

Heading into 2024

With the RNC having reelected McDaniel, all eyes will be on the body as the 2024 presidential election comes up.

Whoever ends up being the Republican Party’s nominee will need the backing, fundraising, and broader support from the RNC and conservative voting base.

Over the course of this year, Americans will also get a clearer picture of which Republicans want to run for president. Thus far, former President Trump is the only one to announce he’s running.

Later this year, the country can expect additional Republicans to throw their hats in the ring. The RNC maintains that throughout the GOP primary, it will not take sides or favor one candidate over others.