Russia names a new top commander for war effort in Ukraine


Russian President Vladimir Putin made Army General Alexander Dvornikov top commander of the Ukraine war in April. Dvornikov was serving as the commander of Russia’s Southern Military District. He is known as the Butcher of Syria for his brutal war on Syrian civilians.

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He had little success in capturing and holding ground in Ukraine. And was replaced in October after Russian forces were pushed out of the annexed areas.

Russia hopes new top Commander succeeds

Surovikin, who oversaw Russia’s air war in Syria in 2015, has waged a campaign that included the deliberate targeting of infrastructure, hospitals and schools. He was known as “Gen. Armageddon.” 

While he was in charge Russian forces retreated last November from the city of Kherson. This was the only regional capital that Russia has been able to capture since the war began.

At least 11 high ranking Russian officers have lost their lives so far in the so-called “special operation.” And it is estimated that there have been over 100,000 casualties, so far.