Ryan Zinke Raised Millions for Sketchy PACs


This is compounded by the fact that he is currently under government watchdog investigations for his taxpayer-funded trips. One them was for a ski-trip fundraiser that he attended within his first month of the job. Zinke has made other fundraising appearances when already on government sanctioned trips. The Hatch Act only allows this sort of activity if it occurs on the secretary’s own time.

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Scam PACs Muddy the Waters

Concerns about scam PACs have been mounting for some time. Mckenzie-connected PACs have used slogans like “Stop Hillary Clinton” in their solicitations to Republican voters. Politico identified 33 GOP leaning, small-donor PACs during 2014 elections cycle. The PACs raised $43 million in small dollar donations. Only about $3 million went to advertising. The remaining $40 million went to “operating expenses.”

Zinke’s relationship with Mckenzie is drawing ire from both sides due to their PAC connections. Montana Democrats have accused Zinke of allowing a “political Ponzi Scheme” to take place through his PACs.