Ivanka Trump Promotes GOP Tax Reform Agenda at Pennsylvania Town Hall

Ivanka Trump on tax reform

President Donald Trump’s eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump endorsed the GOP’s tax reform agenda during a town hall meeting in Pennsylvania.

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Last month, the Trump administration unveiled its tax reform framework. The GOP plans to double the standard tax deduction, increase the child tax credit. The plan also includes reducing tax rates for small businesses and corporations.

During the town hall meeting, Ivanka Trump told the audience that overhauling the country’s tax system is critical. She explained that tax reform is long overdue to address the increasingly competitive market and needs of American families.

According to her, “For me this tax plan really couples two things that are really core values as a country. Those values are “work and supporting the American family.”

“This is about the recognition that, as a country, we have to have policies that mirror our values. We have to encourage the next generation to be competitive and compassionate, said Ivanka Trump.

GOP tax reform will provide relief to middle-income familes

Additionally, Ivanka Trump emphasized that the GOP tax reform plan is focused on creating jobs, growth, and providing relief to the middle- income families