Sanders Slams Mitch McConnell While Campaigning in Kentucky


In Sanders’ own words:

“The reason I’m in Louisville is to ask McConnell to do the right thing. Stop worrying about your billionaire friends — they’re doing just fine — and start worrying about the working families of this state and around the country who are struggling to keep their heads above water. Why does he oppose virtually every piece of legislation that protects working families, while supporting legislation that gives huge tax breaks to billionaires? Follow the money!”

What Does it Really Mean to Fight for Working Families?

Republicans and Democrats continue to maintain very different ideas of what fighting for working families means. What Sanders and other Democrats view as helpful to middle America is regarded by Republicans as horrific for middle America.

The policies which Democrats have collectively supported are a prime example of this. Democrats claim that raising the minimum wage is helpful for working families; however, when the minimum wage increases, prices and lay-offs also increase, while hours decrease. This ultimately counteracts prospective financial gains from raising the minimum wage.