Scientists Close to Developing Technique to Create Fusion Energy


During the 1970s, he predicted that the fusion of hydrogen and boron may be possible without the need for thermal equilibrium.

A simpler approach to produce fusion energy

The hydrogen-boron fusion does not produce neutrons therefore its primary reaction has no radioactivity.

Furthermore Hora said, “It is exciting to see these reactions… in recent experiments and simulations. He noted that the technique  proves some of his earlier theoretical work. It also “measured the laser-initiated chain reaction to create one billion-fold higher energy output than predicted under thermal equilibrium conditions.”

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HB11 Energy, an Australia spin-off company holds the patents for Hora’s fusion energy technology. The company’s managing director, Warren McKenzie said, “If the next few years of research don’t uncover any major engineering hurdles, we could have prototype reactor within a decade.”

Additionally, McKenzie said their project much simpler from an engineering perspective. He explained that the fuels and waste are safe. The reactor does not require a heat exchanger and a steam turbine generator. They can buy the lasers off the shelf.