Seattle ‘Poverty Defense’ Would See Some Crimes To Go Unpunished


In another move of utter insanity, because Democrats cannot find enough excuses to forgive criminals, the Seattle City Council is considering lowering the bar even further

The council is considering a new criminal code regulation, known as the poverty defense, that would literally forgive some crimes if the person who committed them is poor, addicted to drugs, or has mental health issues, KOMO reported.

If passed they would become the first municipality in the United States to have such a regulation.

The defense would make it possible for an accused suspect to be absolved of a crime like theft, assault, or trespassing if the crime was committed for survival needs.

It was discussed on Tuesday by the Seattle City Council’s Public Safety Committee after Councilmember Lisa Herbold and King County’s director of the Department of Public Defense Anita Khandelwal introduced it.

Picture this. Someone can assault and rob you because they need money to get food and you get no justice because that person was poor or homeless. It is a literal get out of jail free card.