Wisconsin Justices Dismiss Trump Case, Call It Racist


President Donald Trump’s new lawsuits were dead before it started in Wisconsin and it makes one wonder as to why judges do not want to hear these cases.

A pair of Wisconsin justices tore into the president’s attorneys because they were only focused on Milwaukee and Dane counties, calling it racist, Law And Crime reported.

The president’s attorney, James Troupis, had just started to talk to the justices when Justice Jill Karofsky interrupted him to note that the lawsuit focused on the two counties that have the state’s largest number of Black voters.

“This lawsuit, Mr. Troupis, smacks of racism,” she said.

Justice Rebecca Dallet jumped in and said that the president had not focused on any of the other 72 counties in the state and set their sights only on the “most non-white, urban” areas.

“You’re not asking us to throw out votes in any other counties that use that form,” she said.

The justices joined with the majority in booting three other post-election cases and said that Trump did not have any issues with the forms that were used when he won in 2016 but only when he lost in 2020.