SEC busted a father and son microcap fraud scheme


In the complaints, the SEC alleged that Timothy and Trevor Page along with their associates and engaged in a scheme to acquire million of shares in publicly traded microcap companies in the United States. The father and son allegedly used the five defendant entities to conceal their control or holdings in the microcap companies.

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Timothy and Trevor Page allegedly engaged in manipulative trading. They hired call centers and made misleading statements to lure investors to purchase the microcap stocks. Their scheme resulted in the artificial demand for the microcap stocks and then dumped or sold their shares.

Furthermore, the SEC alleged in the second complaint that Cattlin and Shuppe used their insider roles as officers or majority shareholders of several microcap companies to help Timothy and Trever Page carry out their scheme.

Cattlin and Shuppe allegedly help the father and son to secretly purchase and sell millions of shares in microcap companies including EnviroTechnologies
International, BioHemp International, and Cyberfort Software inc.