Sen. Bernie Sanders slams Walmart’s “starvation wages”


Amazon and Costco already raised their minimum wage to $15 per hour. Target’s current minimum wage is $13 per hour and plans to raise it to $15 per hour by the end of 2020. Walmart’s minimum wage is $11 per hour.

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Sanders spoke at the retail giants’ shareholders meeting on behalf of Carolyn Davis, an employee of the company and a member of United for Respect, a worker’s rights organization.

The presidential candidate also lobbied for a resolution that would give hourly employees a seat on Walmart’s Board of Directors.

Sanders said, “The concerns of workers, not just stockholders, should be a part of board of directors. Today, with the passage of this resolution, Walmart can strike a blow against corporate greed and a grotesque level of income and wealth inequality that exists in our country.”

The shareholders of the retail giant rejected the proposal.