Sen. Nelson: Facebook Concealed Failure to Safeguard User’s Personal Data

en. Nelson Meets Facebook CEO Zuckerberg

U.S. Senator Bill Nelson of Florida said Facebook failed to protect the personal information of millions of users. The social network giant also concealed that failure. The senator is a ranking member of the Commerce Committee.

Sen. Bill Nelson made the statement after his meeting with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Monday. According to him, he reminded Zuckerberg about the company’s responsibility to protect its users’ personal information.

The Cambridge Analytica data scandal is currently engulfing Facebook and Zuckerberg, who agrees to testify before a joint hearing of the Senate Judiciary and Commerce Committees on Tuesday.

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“Facebook failed us. Not only did they fail to safeguard the personal information of millions of users, they concealed it from us,” said Sen. Nelson.

Additionally, the senator noted that the Cambridge Analytica data scandal is “not the first time Facebook mishandled user information.” However, this is the only time the social network giant is “coming clean” and informing users whose information have been compromised. The company is also saying that it will correct its mistake.